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Our Team

Our team is fueled by a passion for crafting solutions that move our community forward. 

June Kissel


Community Partnership Manager, Portland

June has an innate desire to develop deep connections, meet new people and lean into the unknown. This may or may not have been spurred (out of necessity) from being one of five siblings, and living across 8 different cities (including a brief stint in Hong Kong). Regardless of origin, June's passion and flexibility has guided both her personal and professional pivots.  


June is being brought onto Housing Connector's newest team in the Portland market as the Community Partnership Manager. She brings her experiences in housing services, local and state government, and community engagement to the role. 


Outside of work, you'll most likely find June researching her next meal (either to eat or cook), doing the Wordle/mini crosswords/other word games, or thrifting her new favorite item.  

June Kissel
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