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Property Partners Overview

At Housing Connector, we aim to inspire housing providers to take bold action and house people in need of a home. Join us in our mission and enjoy access to our customer service and a financial guarantee package that reduces risk and vacancies.

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Our comprehensive benefits package addresses key business needs for properties:

Benefits We Provide
Property Partners

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Free Leads and Zillow Listing Publication: properties have free access to list on our exclusive Zillow hosted marketplace, generating free referrals and reducing vacancies.

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Customer Support for Properties:  our team serves as a direct point of contact for any challenges or issues, including mediation and support with lease violations for two years of tenancy.

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Resident Stability: our in-house stability support specialists are ready to help whenever your property has challenges with residents, including support with lease violations, conflict resolution, and mediation services.

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Additional Financial Support:  properties receive three months guaranteed rent, one month vacancy loss, and up to $5,000 risk mitigation.

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What Our Property Partners Provide

In exchange for our comprehensive benefits package, we request that properties join us in our mission to increase housing access for members of our community by reducing screening criteria across six categories.

Credit Score

Past Debt


Rental History

Past Evictions

Criminal History

What Our Current Partners Say...

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Great Expectations

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Ben Maritz, Founder & CEO

Our partnership with Housing Connector has been essential for us to achieve our mission of providing housing to all segments of our community. HC also has had a meaningful impact on our bottom line by allowing us to reduce vacancy and collections loss. The HC team’s vision and professionalism is inspiring and a critical part of our region’s housing system. All housing providers should be part of this program.

HNN Communities

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Heidi Anderson, Director of Community Engagement & Partnerships

The property management industry has waited for a partner like Housing Connector! They are committed to finding housing for people and HNN Communities is lucky to have such a dedicated partner in helping us locate, house and stabilize households. In addition, they add value to the resident/community relationship with not only ongoing case management, but with real dollars pledged to help residents. Working with Housing Connector, we have been able to house more than 200 households that may not have initially been able to find a safe & stable place to live. 

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  • Can Housing Connector provide services in our area?
    We are always looking for new communities to partner with and expand into. We conduct thorough market research to determine if we could be a good fit for a prospective geography. If you are interested in exploring whether Housing Connector is a good fit for your city or county, please reach out to us at
  • How is Housing Connector funded?
    We are a 501(c)(3) and are funded through both public dollars (about 70%) and private dollars (about 30%).
  • Does Zillow receive any money from your partnership?
    No, Property Partners do not have to pay to post listings on our Zillow platform. Zillow does not receive money from the partnership and instead has dedicated four full-time positions to build, scale, and maintain the platform through their social impact initiatives.
  • What is Housing Connector’s role in the system?
    Housing Connector is a bridge between Property Partners with vacant units and Community Partners who work with vulnerable populations searching for housing. We solve financial and resident challenges for property partners so they can feel secure in opening doors to more members of our community. For case managers, we provide a streamlined housing search process through our Zillow powered marketplace, and Housing Connector is able to facilitate solutions and bring multiple parties together to problem solve if issues arise.
  • What is Housing Connector's impact in the community?
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  • What percentage of Housing Connector residents stay housed after one year?
    To date 88% of residents stay housed in the same unit for at least one year, and 75% stay housed through year two.
  • What is a Community Partner?
    A Community Partner is an organization that currently provides housing services for vulnerable populations that has officially partnered with Housing Connector to increase housing access for individuals most in need. Our Community Partners are regional and national nonprofits and government agencies.
  • What are the benefits for Community Partners?
    We provide an extra layer of support throughout the housing process, making the process simple and successful. Specifically, Housing Connector provides reduced screening criteria for housing applications, free access to units through an exclusive Zillow platform, additional financial support for two years after move-in, and housing stability services for all residents enrolled in our program.
  • How do I become a Community Partner?
    If your organization would like to partner with Housing Connector, you can start an official process by visiting our Community Partnership Overview page.
  • How do I sign up for training?
    Case managers and service providers that have a signed agreement with us can sign up for a virtual training with us, using your organizational work email. Sign Up
  • What will I learn at the training?
    Housing Connector’s 90-minute training covers a wide variety of required topics for using our program, including how to use the Zillow platform, how to enroll clients in our services, tips and tricks for housing clients faster, and eligibility requirements for our program. The training is required for all case managers working with clients.
  • What is a Property Partner?
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  • What are the benefits for Property Partners?
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  • How do I become a Property Partner?
    If your property or management company would like to partner with Housing Connector, you can start an official process by visiting our Property Partnership Overview page.
  • How do I sign up for training?
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