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Case Manager Resources

Housing Navigation

The Renter Profile is the first step to give clients access to our program. Through the Renter Profile, you can generate a Letter of Support and sign clients up for direct Zillow Access.

You can look up a property by name, address, or zip code to see if it's a part of Housing Connector's program. This Lookup Tool does not show current vacancies. To see vacancies, log onto 

Resident Moves In

The Move In Form is the required final step to enroll a client in our program. This form gives your client access to our 2 years of stability services and must be completed within 30 days of move in. 

The Renter ID Lookup can help you quickly find any clients unique Housing Connector ID #. Fill out this form to get their ID # emailed to you instantly. 

Stability Services

The moment you know a resident is struggling, you can reach out to our team. Send an email to initiate support, or if the challenges is financial you can fill out a Financial Assistance Request.

Through this link you can request our limited Emergency Rental Assistance for clients. All requests must include Housing Stability Plans. 

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