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Our Team

Our team is fueled by a passion for crafting solutions that move our community forward. 

Barb Canaday


Program Manager, Stability

Barb is a born Oregonian who has lived in the Portland area since attending the University of Portland where she received a BA in Communications. Barb has worked in the housing sector since 1993 and is a Principal Real Estate Broker and certified national instructor in sales and property management. For over 11 years, Barb has focused on leadership and management of affordable and veteran housing, partnering with local, state and federal agencies to provide stability and success for residents, with up to 850 doors under management.


Ongoing success and stability for residents is a key focus at Housing Connector. Barb works with landlords, agencies and case managers to address tenant issues that could lead to eviction. She strives to help residents, property managers, owners and agency partners solve problems, build and maintain a positive  working relationship through partnership and clear communication.


Barb is happily married to her wonderful husband of 37 years and has 3 fantastic adult children. Living in Salzburg, Austria for a year during college fed her love of travel, which she does at every opportunity. She also loves to ride horses (especially over jumps!) or curl up next to a roaring fire with an excellent book, a dog or two, and a great cup of coffee.

Barb Canaday
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