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Our Team

Our team is fueled by a passion for crafting solutions that move our community forward. 

Ed Olea


Market Director of Colorado

Ed has grown up and has spent his entire career in Colorado.  He is a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience and proven abilities to significantly impact organizational change.  He has spent 30 years in the real estate industry and has helped 1000’s of households find long term and stable housing.

At Housing Connector, Ed has the unique opportunity to lead the team at the local level.  He will use his vast experience in the real estate sector to connect our Community and Property Partners alongside civic and local leaders to help bridge the gap and find a solution to affordability that is impacting our city and state.  

Ed loves skiing, hiking, fishing, camping and golfing.  You might find him at one of your local Pickleball tournaments as he has traveled the country competing.

Ed Olea
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