In order to fully tackle our homelessness crisis, we must increase our affordable housing stock. Development of additional housing takes time and substantial resources; but individuals need homes today. We believe landlords and property owners are a critical part of tackling homelessness, as they have access to inventory that can get people housed quickly and provide stability for individuals and families.


Housing Connector makes it easy for Property Owners to be a valued partner in tackling our region’s homelessness crisis by providing financial support and risk mitigation to insure against losses. In turn property owners will open doors that were previously out of reach for individuals experiencing homelessness.


We provide free referrals to ready to rent residents and risk mitigation support to partners willing to lower barriers and rent to households experiencing homelessness.

We ensure rent is paid, unit damage is mitigated, and the resident is supported.​

We provide service providers with free access to properties willing to rent to households with rental barriers.



We provide exclusive access to our listing platform for free to property partners and ensure compliance with fair housing laws.


We provide free referrals to residents ready to succeed in housing and accompanied by case management and rental subsidy support. 


Property partners always have the opportunity to decide the standards for accepting residents.


We provide property partners with access to benefits that include damage mitigation funds, unit hold fees and guaranteed rent.


In addition, property partners know their residents have the case management support to be successful neighbors.


Property partners have a single point of contact to high standard customer service if issues do arise.


We believe in the power of our collective impact to change our community. When you join us as a partner you will directly be helping us tackle our housing and homelessness crisis.


Become a Connector.


For information on signing up and getting involved please contact us at info@housingconnector.com


Service providers receive exclusive access to our listing platform and units with reduced barriers for their clients.


Streamlined search process allows you to filter and match for units meeting your clients needs and expedite the housing process.

Reduced burden of finding units allows you to focus on supporting your clients.


We provide you and your client with support to cover unforeseen financial costs.

We negotiate leases and act as the point of contact for property owners if issues arise.