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On any given night, there are over 12,000 people without a home in King County, Washington. We believe this is unacceptable. More importantly, we believe this is a problem that can be solved.


Our story starts with a fundamental belief that increased housing capacity in our community will lead to reduced rates of homelessness. Developing additional housing takes time, yet there are individuals in need of a home today. But what if there is currently capacity that has been left untapped.

As more and more private units are developed, vacancy rates in Seattle/King County begin to rise. A vacant unit is a loss for all parties in our community.


This is where Housing Connector comes in. We take a forward-looking approach to partner with property owners and managers to lower barriers to housing and increase our region’s affordable housing capacity. What results are win-win outcomes that see businesses meeting their bottom lines and households having a place to call home.

With the support of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and its members we are building connections and opening doors for families and individuals in our community.