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Find your next home with Housing Connector

Get started with the employee program

Easy housing search that fit your needs
View listings with reduced screening criteria on our exclusive Zillow search filter
Support for your search and after you move-in
Let us know if you need help finding units or have any issues during your lease - we will work directly with the housing provider towards a resolution

How it works

1. Sign up

Complete the form on the sign up page. We’ll verify your eligibility and send an onboarding email once you’re enrolled in the program.

2. Search for homes with the Housing Connector filter

Receive your access to search for homes offering our reduced application screening criteria on Zillow.

Go to, login with your email and apply the Housing Connector filter under ‘More’.

3. Apply and Move In

Reach out and apply to rentals that meet your preferences. Submit your move in form to access financial and stability support benefits like 3-months of emergency rental assistance.

4. Stay in touch

Let us know if you have any issues with your housing while you remain in your unit, like falling behind on rent or needing additional services. We are here to support you for up to two years.

Signed up and need help?


What is Housing Connector?
Housing Connector is a tech-for-good nonprofit organization that focuses on increasing access to housing for individuals in need. Housing Connector partners with property managers and owners to adjust or reduce screening criteria (credit, rental history, etc.) that can often be a barrier for people seeking private market housing. Housing Connector also provides properties with two years of guaranteed housing stability support for all participants in our program.
How do I access this program?
Once you provide basic information in the sign up form and your employer verifies your employment status, you will receive onboarding materials and access to the Housing Connector Zillow platform to begin your housing search journey.
What should I do if I don't have internet access to complete the referral form or conduct my housing search?
If you do not have access to the internet, you can use the internet at your MOD store or the MOD support center. You can also use the internet at your local public library. If you need assistance, please reach out to the Social Impact team at
What sort of financial benefits are offered?
Housing Connector offers 3 months of emergency rental assistance and other stability resources for employees once housed in a Housing Connector unit.

These benefits can ONLY be accessed if a move-in form has been submitted within one month of tenancy.

If an employee has an emergency which prevents them from making some or all of their rental payment, they can reach out to to start the financial request process. This process requires a housing stability plan and regular updates with the Housing Connector Stability Support Manager. Please ensure your contact information is up to date on your self-referral form so we may contact you.
Do I have to pay for this service?
No, this service is free to Squad Members in participating stores
What are "reduced screening criteria"?
Screening criteria are a set of factors which property managers, owners, and landlords use to accept or deny applicants. Housing Connector negotiates with properties to modify their screening criteria in areas like credit score, past debt, income-to-rent ratio, rental history, criminal history, and past evictions, therefore lowering the barriers to housing access.

For example, consider a property that traditionally only accepts individuals with zero evictions in the last three years and a credit score of 650+. With Housing Connector, that same property might accept any credit score and 2 evictions in the last 2 years for applicants coming from our program.
I’m not finding any units that I want to apply to. What should I do?
New units are added daily so keep checking back to find a unit which may be a good match for you!
What information will my employer be able to access about me and my housing search?
Your employer’s HR department will know that you have entered the program, but they will not receive specific information about you or your housing search. They will also keep your participation in the program confidential.
How will I let a property owner or manager know I am part of this program?
Participating Squad will receive a Housing Connector Letter of Support via email. You can download, save, and print this letter for future use. The Letter of Support must be included in all housing applications sent to Housing Connector properties. The Letter verifies for the property that you are part of the Housing Connector program and should be screened according to the reduced screening criteria.
Will my manager find out that I'm using this program?
Your participation in this program will only be known to the Social Impact team as they will need to verify your employment status for participation. However, details of your participation will not be shared with the Social Impact team or your manager without your explicit permission and will not impact your employment at MOD Pizza.
Will MOD have access to my information?
Housing Connector and Zillow take data privacy seriously. Although a few members of MOD’s Social Impact team will know that you have applied to the program, they will not receive specific information about you, or your housing search and they will keep your participation in the program confidential.

Housing Connector may share anonymous, high-level data with MOD to show overall trends to continue to improve the program.

Housing Connector will collect information for the head of household, including name, current housing status, demographic information income, rental barriers, address, and contact information, but will not share this information with MOD.
Who is eligible to participate?
Squad Members, including Support Center Squad, 18 years and older that are working in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties are eligible for this program.
My current lease isn't up for another few months. How long is this program available to me?
The Housing Connector Program is in test phase and will be available for Squad to sign up through September 2024 for now.

MOD Pizza will keep Squad Members updated on changes to the program as we test and learn through the pilot phase.

Once you have secured stable housing via the program, you will receive the two years of housing stability support from Housing Connector, past September 2024.
If I gain housing through the Housing Connector Pilot program, what are my responsibilities?
You are expected to follow lease agreements, including paying rent on time every month and adhering to behavioral guidelines set forth by the property. In the case of a lease violation, the property manager will notify you as well as Housing Connector. A Housing Connector Stability Specialist will contact you to provide support.
Who pays the application fee and move-in costs?
This pilot program does not cover the costs of application fees or move-in costs; however, local resources may be able to support in paying for these types of fees. If application fees or move-in costs will inhibit your ability to move, please reach out to for a list of resources. You can also reach out to MOD’s Bridge Fund at
How long does this process take?
It takes less than one week to gain access to the platform. Once you gain access, the time it takes to find, apply to, and get approved at a home that fits your needs will vary.
What happens if I get denied?
We reduce screening criteria, but our program cannot guarantee approval. If your housing application is denied by one of our property partners, there are a few steps you can take. First, check the reduced screening criteria details and make sure that you meet the property’s criteria. Second, request a copy of the screening report and any other official documentation related to the denial. If you still feel that you have been wrongfully denied during the application process, reach out to Housing Connector and we can help.
What happens if I lose/leave employment while I am in the process of getting housing?
Please reach out to for us to discuss your options if you are in the process of looking for housing with Housing Connector.
I have a family member/friend who needs housing support; can they access this program?
Only MOD Squad Members, including Support Center Squad, 18 years and older that are working in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties are eligible for this program.
Are family and friends allowed to access this program?
No, this program is just for the employee working with the participating employer and those that they live with.
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